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Technical Documentation

I have a passion for writing and editing documentation. I value clarity and concision and am experienced in tailoring information to a variety of audiences. I excel at paying close attention to details while maintaining a vision of the larger goals for a document. I strive to always continue learning about new technologies and sharing that knowledge with others via technical documentation. I love when something I have written can directly help others to accomplish their technical goals.

Google CCAI

General Agent Design Best Practices, 2021

Along with two of my supervisors I wrote suggestions for the most effective and efficient ways to design various aspects of a virtual agent. Over the course of about two months we added to this document and I tailored the word choice and style to be accessible to the same public audience who was creating their own virtual agents with Dialogflow. Once we were satisfied we shared the document with the Google CCAI engineering team who provided their own input and suggestions. After this final round of edits Google published our document online. Click the button to view the documentation page.

I helped create the public facing document for Google's new open source Python library called SCRAPI. This new library provides scripts and tools which interface with Dialogflow CX to automate a variety of virtual agent development and maintenance tasks.

The lead developer asked me to proofread and edit his ReadMe document. I standardized the format using Markdown and created a uniform writing style which highlights crucial information about the contents of the library. Click the button to view the ReadMe.

SCRAPI Python Library, 2022

Agent Assist LLMs, 2023-2024

As a member of the Agent Assist team I edited engineer-authored documents for LLM integrations. Software engineers wrote these documents then I proofread and edited them for English grammar and public accessibility. I helped ensure the documentation complied with Google's developer style guide. I edited documentation for the following public Google Agent Assist features. Click the button to view the documentation page.​​​​​​

API update, 2024

A team member brought to our attention that the public document for "Creating a conversation dataset" made reference to a deprecated data labeling API. I collaborated with engineers to confirm the deprecation of the API and migration to an external data labeling service. Then I removed the reference and the deprecated link from the public document. I submitted the approved changelog using Critique. The public document no longer suggests that users activate the data labeling API. Click the button to view the documentation page.

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